Fortnite - 5 Advanced Building Techniques for Pro Players

  • Greg Burn
  • Jan 19, 2024
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Fortnite - 5 Advanced Building Techniques for Pro Players

In the ever-evolving battlegrounds of Fortnite, mastering building mechanics is crucial for survival and victory. As players transition from casual to professional levels, the importance of sophisticated building strategies cannot be overemphasized. This article delves into five advanced building techniques that can significantly elevate your gameplay, ensuring a strategic edge over your adversaries.

1. 90s for Speed and Height

The "90s" technique is a fundamental skill for gaining vertical advantage quickly. It involves constructing a series of walls and ramps in a 90-degree rotation, enabling players to ascend rapidly while minimizing exposure to enemy fire. Mastery of this technique is pivotal for taking the high ground, especially during the final circles, where elevation can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Implementation: To perform the 90s, place a wall in front of you, followed by a floor beneath you and a ramp upwards. Turn 90 degrees to your side, and repeat the process. Practice this movement in fluid motions to gain height quickly without sacrificing speed or protection.

2. Waterfall Technique for Safe Descents

Descending from great heights poses a significant risk of fall damage, a problem adeptly solved by the "Waterfall" technique. It allows players to safely move down from structures without risking health or positioning.


Implementation: While standing at the edge of a structure, quickly turn around to face the structure and build a floor and then a ramp beneath you. Continue placing ramps as you fall, cushioning your descent and ensuring safe passage down.

3. Tunneling for Defensive Movement

Tunneling is an indispensable skill for moving across open spaces while under heavy fire. It involves creating a protective "tunnel" of builds around the player, offering cover from all angles as they navigate the battlefield.

Implementation: To tunnel effectively, begin by placing a floor and a ramp beneath you. Surround the sides with walls and place a roof overhead. Advance forward by repeating this sequence quickly. Mastery of tunneling allows for aggressive positioning and can be a game-changer in competitive settings.

4. Cone Jumping for Evasion and Engagement


Cone jumping is an advanced technique used to outmaneuver opponents during close-quarters engagements. It involves the strategic placement of cones (pyramids) over opponents or as a mechanism to scale vertical structures efficiently.

Implementation: While approaching a structure, place a ramp followed by a cone on top. Before the cone fully materializes, jump towards the side of the ramp and use a floor to catch yourself, allowing you to climb over the cone and reach higher ground quickly. This move is particularly useful for overcoming structures occupied by opponents or for evading incoming attacks.

5. High Ground Retake with the Bizzle Technique

Named after the professional player who popularized it, the "Bizzle" technique is a highly effective method for reclaiming the high ground from opponents. It’s notably useful when the direct approach is too risky or when an element of surprise is needed.

Implementation: When attempting to regain the high ground, build a ramp upwards towards the opponent. Then, construct a floor and a cone above you for protection. Quickly side-step and build another ramp above the cone weaving through your own structure, creating a misdirection. This move not only protects you but also confuses the opponent, allowing for an advantageous repositioning or assault.

Wrapping Up


Fortnite's dynamic gameplay mechanics demand a deep understanding and mastery of building techniques. The strategies discussed here offer a glimpse into the vast possibilities that advanced building skillsets unlock, propelling players towards professional gameplay. Practicing these techniques will significantly improve your ability to adapt and overcome in high-pressure scenarios, ensuring that your building skills are a formidable part of your arsenal.

Remember, the key to mastering these techniques lies in relentless practice and application in live scenarios. Analyze your gameplay, recognize areas for improvement, and incorporate these advanced building strategies to gain supremacy on the Fortnite battlefield. Happy building!

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